Experience the Fantasy World of I Wish!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s that glittering like a disco ball? Gurl, that’s Effie—fabulous Fairy Godmother of fairytale fame! After centuries of making wishes come true, she’s marking the milestone of her brumblefillionth wish with a look back at her greatest hits. But were those ever-afters so happy after all?

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Meet the Star of I Wish!

Sashaying centerstage in Effie’s heels is tuneful tenor and West End wonder Jordan Laviniere, serving both looks and lessons. Read on to meet the star of our newest fantasy musical I Wish, who will take on the role of the famous Fairy Godmother.

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Who is your favorite fairytale character from the show and why?

My favorite character would have to be John Pan because I can relate to his frustration of wanting to march to the beat of his own drum!

What is the strongest magic of all?

The strongest magic is our differences. They should be celebrated and encouraged—your uniqueness is your superpower!

What do you hope kids will take away from this show?

I hope kids take away the message of strength in community. When we come together, anything is possible.

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Famous Fairy Godmothers from Pop Culture

Different stories and fairytales star different fairy godmother-type characters—powerful wish granters with styles all their own. Fairy godmothers and wish granters wear costumes, have memorable catchphrases and grant magical wishes. Do you recognize these famous fairy godmothers from pop culture?

What People Are Saying about I Wish!

“A gorgeous, glittery, dazzling delight of a musical that reimagines what theatre for young audiences can be like” —Everything Theatre

“Colourful, camp entertainment” —British Theatre Guide

“Jordan Laviniere proves utterly charming … with a delicate, expressive voice” —The Stage

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Photo: Alexis Dubus

For more I Wish-focused fun, check out the Arts Break, where you can make your own remixes of classic fairytales, just like you’ll see in I Wish, and bring your wishes to life by creating a pondering pond with New Victory Teaching Artist Alberto Denis.

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