New 42 Cancels New Victory Season Due to COVID-19

Dear Friends,

We know that updates about COVID-19 continue to cause concern and raise questions about how all of us can keep our communities safe and healthy. Everyone’s situation is unique, and we appreciate the trust you place in us to make New Victory and New 42 Studios your artistic and cultural home.

In light of a rapidly changing climate, New 42 is canceling the rest of the New Victory season effective March 13 through June 14, 2020. This temporary theater closure affects the remaining performances of Step Afrika!’s Drumfolk and seven subsequent productions from around the world.

As an international stage in the heart of New York City, we have a civic responsibility for the public health of the many artists, families, teachers and students who travel from near and far to make New Victory their destination.

We are currently working through all of the logistics of this significant change with a small but mighty-hearted staff, so please bear with us.

New Victory Education and Ticket Services will be contacting ticket holders over the next several weeks for exchanges or refunds. As we consider the artists, teachers, stagehands, administrative staff and the New York City youth in our employ, I hope you might also consider donating your tickets back to New 42 as a tax-deductible contribution by emailing

As you are no doubt aware, unprecedented times demand unprecedented art to guide us. While we continue to imagine new ways of providing the best of the performing arts to the widest possible audience, we busily prepare for New Victory Dance this summer, and many more celebrations to come!

All my best,

Russell Granet

Russell Granet
President & CEO
New 42nd Street




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  1. Hello,
    While I thank you for the exception experience I had in attending the Drumfolk performance, the staff there are excellent. At the announcement of the COV19 outbreak, seeking higher intellectual and culture opportunities seem appropriate to stave off panic and wild thinking. It is therefor emplored through the horrorific ordeal, to keep that staff and theatrical Beekman alive and operational to the NYC community. You are our refuge away from home friends and family. The theatre is our most giving teacher, helping to build bridges where none exsist. Continue to help New Yorkers and visitors, who need an institution to help be a bridge to civility and intellectual stimuli. Continue to be the nurturer to the artist, families and individuals that pass thru the doors of the New Vic greeted by NYS bravest and most hospital.
    Best Regards
    Tracey England

    • Good afternoon,
      Ticket Services will be contacting ticket holders over the next several weeks with options of donations and refunds. We’re a small but mighty-hearted staff, so please bear with us!

      If you would like to donate your tickets back to New Victory, you can reach out to them directly at or 646.223.3010.