New Victory Arts Break: End-of-Summer Playlist

From memorable monologues to silly surprises, this past season of New Victory Arts Break has been packed with creative activities for the whole family. With the start of a new school year just over the horizon, we’re highlighting a playlist of favorites designed to give your summer one last shuffle of arts-based family fun!

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New Victory Arts Break: End-of-Summer Playlist

The videos in this Arts Break were filmed at the New Victory Theater. We acknowledge that New Victory resides on the seized homeland of the Lenape people and the intertribal territory of many First Nations. We celebrate and pay deep respect to all Indigenous peoples, past, present and future.

Get crafty!

Anything can be a puppet… including you! Puppet-ify yourself with a personalized paper puppet in three easy steps with New Victory Teaching Artist Renata Melillo Townsend.

Can you make art using your breath? Follow along with New Victory Education’s Siobhan Santini Pellot as she shows off a surreal painting technique using watercolors and air.

Move a little!

Choreography and character go hand-in-hand. Let’s create some character-based movement with New Victory Teaching Artist Marisol Rosa-Shapiro, inspired by a piece of music.

Has a story ever inspired you to move? Follow along with New Victory Teaching Artist Olney Edmondson as she teaches us how to combine movement and meaning through African dance.

Jam out!

Musician and New Victory Teaching Artist Julia Sirna-Frest is ready to share her love of songwriting with us. Follow along and learn how to create a song that celebrates your talents (and your friends’ talents, too!).

It’s karaoke time! Sing yours lyrics to this instrumental clip of the song Julia taught us:

In songwriting, the art of referencing or recycling bits of music from the past is called sampling. Learn how to sample a favorite song in a new musical creation of your own with New Victory Teaching Artist Jono Waldman.

Listen to Jono’s beats below and choose the one you think sounds best with your hook. You can also make your own percussive beat using your body or by hitting a surface.

⤓ Download the first beat

⤓ Download the second beat

⤓ Download the third beat

Create some theater!

In theater, it’s important to research the character you’re creating as you prepare for a performance. Let’s do some character work with New Victory Teaching Artist Melle Phillips—we’ll be ready in no time!

With a change in light and the addition of some sound, you can create an endless number of scenes! Let’s practice a few lighting and sound design tricks with New Victory Teaching Artist Drew Petersen.

Still aching for a bit more summer fun? Skip the beach and invite your family to dive into even more Arts Break activities! And get ready for a new year of New Victory Arts Break this October, as the 2022-23 Season opens with soaring circuses, new spins on Shakespeare and so much more.

New Victory Arts Break Supporters

New Victory Arts Break is funded, in part, by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council,and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.